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Yufka BakerY is authentic and unique bakery specializing in hand stretched phyllo dough pastries. Our bakery was created to serve the Metropolitan community by meeting the need for a specialized gourmet bakery. The uniqueness of our products and rustic-modern twist completely differentiates us from other bakeries. 

We are offering a variety of high quality handmade baked goods accommodating all sorts of preferences and palates. (vegan, vegetarian, shellfish allergy, nut free, kid friendly etc…)

Phyllo/filo is paper-thin dough made from flour, water and salt. Born in Istanbul (Turkey) during Ottoman reign, the ancient technique of stretching, was developed. Freshly handmade dough was filled with various filings, formed into different sizes, shapes, and then baked. This specialty with exceptional taste became a traditional dish throughout, known as Borek, Pita, Pie, and etc. Hundreds of years later in countries such as Serbia, Bosnia and their neighbours, this dish is still a big part of existing daily diets.

To set our bakery apart, we passionately crafted our own version of this very old specialty. With use of fresh/local ingredients and its amazingly flaky texture, Yufka Pastries are becoming a staple to almost everyone.

Owner and creator, Dejan Zivanovic was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Dejan truly started with humble beginnings. Through hard work and preservance Dejan has mastered the art of stretching dough proving that anything is possible. Now, the sky is truly the limit.

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Thursdays :

Penn Quarter Farmers Market

801 F Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
On F Street NW, between 7th and 9th Streets


CHOP Farmers Market

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC

USDA Farmers Market

12th Street SW, Washington DC


Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market


301 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314


Bethesda Farmers Market

7600 Arlington Road, Bethesda,Md

Mosaic Farmers Market

Mosaic District Ave, Fairfax, VA


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